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January 2020

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How to make sense of reality

How to Make Sense of Reality?

How to make sense of reality? French Philosopher, Jean Baudrillard, mused that we live in a time which he calls “the age of the hyper-real” where the mere representation of an object has become more vital to us than the actual object. The concept of reality doesn’t refer to an object’s external reality, but a representation of it. How to make sense of reality? The way people regard reality these days is a result of how our natural mental process has evolved over time. Today we’re going to look at the core of how the brain processes and perceives reality. One single person’s idea of reality is not all there is. To hold that kind of belief can seriously restrict a person from achieving goals and succeeding in life. We...

How Are People Impacted By Success And Failure

How Are People Impacted By Success And Failure?

How are people impacted by success and failure? A person’s own overall success is driven by how successful they are in reaching the goals they set for themselves. When you are successful at something, you experience a sense of pride in how formative and intelligent you were in reaching your goal. How are people impacted by success and failure? Yet when plans go awry or things don’t work out how we expect them to, we can go to a place of frustration and feeling “stuck.” A person’s feeling of devastation correlates to how they utilize each life experience. In this article, we will take a look at how perceived failures can be viewed as successes as long as you have the right perspective and know-how to use...

What is The True Power of Our Beliefs

What is The True Power of Our Beliefs?

What is The True Power of Our Beliefs? In the last post, we went over how important our beliefs were and how your beliefs can mean the difference between advancing forward in life or being trapped in a box of limiting beliefs. Today, we’re going to look at how you can be protected from the negative or limiting beliefs of other people who want to tell you what you are capable of or not capable of accomplishing in your life. What is The True Power of Our Beliefs? “If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences” The Thomas Theorem by W.S. & D.I. Thomas Can The Beliefs of Other People Impact Us? Over the past ten years, our society has been caught up in self-celebration –...

How to create better and more achievable goals

How to Create Better And More Achievable Goals?

Goal-setting is the very first step in formulating the blueprint of a wildly successful life. How to create better and more achievable goals? Your goals are the factors that help build your map and without them, you would get distracted, sidetracked, and delayed. How to create better and more achievable goals? Not all goals are created equal and so it can make it difficult to set goals sometimes. To make things worse, setting the wrong goals can also be detrimental to your progress. Our values and beliefs generally drive the goals that we set for ourselves. In order to create achievable and beneficial goals, there must be a process in place to determine the good goals from the less-than-perfect goals. Today’s article will shine a spotlight on the criteria...

How Do Our Beliefs Affect Our Lives

How Do Our Beliefs Affect Our Lives?

What is a belief? Defined, a belief is “something that we hold to be completely true.” How do our beliefs affect our lives? Your beliefs can be considered guideposts of the subconscious. They shape how you think, how you make decisions, and how you act in varying situations. How Do Our Beliefs Affect Our Lives? While the subconscious mind actively forms and enforces beliefs, the conscious mind is the protector of those beliefs – making sure they are enforced – that is until they are adjusted at a subconscious level. Creating new beliefs Emotional or memorable experiences are the catalysts for the forming of beliefs. New beliefs can be formed by any kind of training – taking a class or reading a book that you’re interested in. Beliefs are formed...

Is It possible For People to Live Without Values

Is It Possible For People to Live Without Values?

Is it possible for people to live without values? So often we hear our elders complaining that this current society has no values. Somehow we are all destined to collapse as a society because we lack a system of values. Technically, this isn’t entirely true because, well, everyone has a set of values. Is It Possible For People to Live Without Values? If we didn’t have some semblance of values, our modern age civilization would indeed collapse. So when someone claims that this society has no values, what they really mean is society does not hold the same values as they do. There is a huge difference between the lack of values and subscribe to an entirely different value set. Values at Work The definition of value is “holding something in...

How are values formed

How Are Values Formed?

How are values formed? In our first article in this series, we looked at values as being the most influential motivators in our lives. In turn, our system of values has a hand in the way our subconscious beliefs are formed. These beliefs have an impact on how we reason and react in certain situations. How are values formed? The very first step in changing our old values and/or creating new values, according to NLP, is to extract them from the subconscious mind. Determining our values is easily accomplished through the use of a pen and paper. 1. Determining your core values Identifying your own core personal values is required in order to address a problem or set of problems that have been eating away at you for a long time....

How to get your mind to focus on outcomes

How to Get Your Mind to Focus On Outcomes?

How to get your mind to focus on outcomes? Our brains are amazing and wildly analytical. They are constantly analyzing everyday information and filtering out sensory inputs important enough to store in our conscious and subconscious minds at any given time. How to get your mind to focus on outcomes? Our reticular activating system, or RAS, is functioning in the background of our minds, going through sensory input and alerts that can mean the difference between our survival and us being in mortal danger. A person’s brain is fully equipped with everything needed to come up with complicated calculations and quick decisions. It is also quite adept at storing tons of information and memories. Our limitless brain The human brain is amazingly capable to be sure, but it does have...

When people see the world differently?

When Do People See The World Differently?

When do people see the world differently? Imagine for a moment that you are about to cross an intersection when an automobile accident happens right in front of you. It’s a clear afternoon and you notice that three other people also witnessed the accident. When the police arrive on the scene you give your eyewitness account of the accident. The officer reviews a few details with you to make sure he has an accurate account and then tallies your account with another person’s account he received just before yours. When Do People See The World Differently? After the officer talks to you, he moves on to interview the remaining witnesses. You overhear their accounts of what happened and notice that their accounts are slightly different from your...

How Communication Works

How Communication Works?

How communication works? When one person begins a verbal dialogue with another, a communication cycle has begun. Just speaking a language does not indicate communication. A person can stand in the middle of the room and speak out loud, but if no one is around to hear him or dialogue with him, there is no communication taking place. How Communication Works? A speaker and subject are required for real communication. When studying the effectiveness of an interaction, in order to measure the impact of each participant, you can reverse the roles of the speaker and subject. When the speaker is delivering a speech to a large group of people, the term “subject” then becomes the term “audience” – indicating a larger group. You can still measure the effectiveness...