The Mind Your Partner In Success

The Mind Your Partner In Success

The Mind Your Partner In Success. In our last article, we discussed the outcome frame and the process of shifting into a newer and more productive mental process. We discovered that our minds need conscious direction from us if we want it to be effective and assist us in solving problems.

The Mind Your Partner In Success

The Mind Your Partner In Success

Setting goals is an ordered process of solving different problems. An example of this would be if your goal is to lose weight, you will face many challenges on the journey to your target weight.

The weight-loss challenges you will face are problems that necessitate real, applicable solutions. Obstacles that you face on the way to your goals are also problems, sometimes masked as errors, setbacks, and shortcomings. Any problems, be they internal or external, will greatly affect how you approach and accomplish your goals in life.

To activate your mind to successfully solve your problems, you have to set a path for it.

Creating a new path for your mind

The best way that you can set up a new path for your mind is to generate an impact new idea and ingrain it deep into your subconscious mind. In concept, this sounds difficult, but it’s actually quite easy.

Our imagination already lives in our subconscious mind. So the ideas you generate in your conscious mind will embed in your subconscious mind easily.

In order to create the initial guidepost for your mind, you must ask yourself:

What do I really want?

Chances are your subconscious mind will not have an immediate answer to this question. But don’t give up trying to find the answer. Your next significant idea will come up seemingly out of nowhere. Your subconscious mind functions on a deeper level than your conscious mind. You may not notice the process of creating answers to in-depth questions.

How to determine what you really want

Most people genuinely desire to succeed in their personal goals because they sincerely want to be happy in the end. However, the concept of happiness can sometimes be so How to determine what you really wantelusive. Because of this, people can jump from one thing to another with the hope of figuring out what makes them happy.

Even though our life experiences equip us with the best material for our minds, when we jump from one thing to another without accomplishing anything, it becomes an expensive and very time-consuming way to find the root of your happiness.

Daydreaming can be a powerful tool to help you determine your own true path to happiness. It is actually more productive than trying out partially formed plans and less than sound decisions.

Daydreaming is one of the most direct and effective ways to impact how your mind functions.

Since your brain can’t exactly think for itself, it needs help from your conscious mind. Your subconscious hungers for new ideas and craves new meaningful paths to travel.

Guided daydreaming explored

Exercising guided daydreaming can give your mind a new path to investigate. When you daydream, you activate your brain’s creative pathways directly connected to your subconscious mind.

You can get pertinent information to your subconscious if you practice guided daydreaming accurately. As a result, your subconscious will begin generating plans that will in turn help you in attaining true happiness.

How to perform a guided daydream


The best environment for visualization is a quiet room with subdued lighting. If you don’t have access to this ideal environment, you can certainly perform guided daydreaming in places such as the public library, nature preserve, or an isolated place in a park close to home.

Don Your Traveling Shoes

Activate your imagination, close your eyes, and see yourself traveling into the future. See yourself flying through space and into a galactic tunnel equipped with cosmic winds and strong light illuminating everything around you. Believe that you are weightless and safe as you explore this tunnel.

Future Bound

Command that the tunnel takes you to a future point in your life where you are happy. If you have to go forward several decades, do it! This cosmic tunnel generated by your imagination may take you through bends and twists as you are prepared for landing.


When you’re ready to explore, tell the tunnel to stop. As soon as you feel comfortable and safe with where you’ve stopped, leave the tunnel and explore the future time and place around you.

Does anyone look familiar? Take note of what the people around you are doing. How do you look? What are you doing for a living at this point in your future? What people do you recognize that is there for you in the future?

Coming Home

After you have investigated your future self and your future happiness, it’s time to come home. Bid farewell and call upon the cosmic tunnel to take you home. Once you board the tunnel, trust you to take it back to the present time. When you wake up from your guided daydream, write down the things that stuck out to you and the pertinent things you’ve learned.

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The Final Step

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