How to create better and more achievable goals

How to Create Better And More Achievable Goals?

Goal-setting is the very first step in formulating the blueprint of a wildly successful life. How to create better and more achievable goals? Your goals are the factors that help build your map and without them, you would get distracted, sidetracked, and delayed.

How to create better and more achievable goals

How to create better and more achievable goals?

Not all goals are created equal and so it can make it difficult to set goals sometimes. To make things worse, setting the wrong goals can also be detrimental to your progress.

Our values and beliefs generally drive the goals that we set for ourselves. In order to create achievable and beneficial goals, there must be a process in place to determine the good goals from the less-than-perfect goals.

Today’s article will shine a spotlight on the criteria you can use to measure your current life goals.

The process of applying standards is an effective way to elicit feedback according to neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). The concept of feedback is so essential to NLP and is incorporated into most of its known methods.

Check Your Goals

When a person creates goals for himself, it shows that he’s ready for change and success. However, Set Deadlines for Your Life Goalsif those goals are ill-formed and unreasonable, they will create more problems that will require more time, resources, and energy to resolve.

You want to avoid this scenario, so make it a habit of objectively examining each of your goals utilizing the guide questions below:

Is my goal written and stated in a positive or a negative form?

Positively state each goal

– Lose 40 pounds in four months and keep it off

– Find a great job in a great company without having to leave the state

– Master a new musical instrument

– Play with my band professionally in a year’s time

Any goal that is stated in the positive can help your mind seek out solutions it can use to overcome the challenges surrounding the goals.

Did I personally initiate this goal and is it contingent only on me?

When you’re considering goals like losing weight or quitting smoking, examine whether or not these goals are contingent on others. If it is your doctor telling you to lose weight or stop smoking, you might unconsciously use that as an excuse to not succeed at the goal because the goal was never really yours in the first place.

In order to succeed in your goals, you have to own them. Make those goals 100% yours. Determine for yourself why you need to accomplish the goal you set for yourself. If the goal was set to satisfy someone else’s request, your mind is going to have a tough time justifying facing the difficulties associated with the goal.

Will I know if I have succeeded with my goal?

Any attainable goal should have a specific outcome associated with it. Without that specific outcome in mind, it will be so easy to lose your motivation since you won’t know whether or not you’re succeeding in attaining the goal.

A goal with a definable outcome should exhibit the following characteristics:

– A positive statement on expectations – what is going to happen?

– The requirement that needs to be met

– Expected submodalities (e.g. “A permanent weight loss of 40 pounds means I’m going to fit into my old pairs of jeans again!”)

What is the exact context of my goal?

Your goal must be clearly defined in order to consider it a goal worth pursuing. Just like in journalism, it’s important to ask yourself the Five W’s and One H (Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How) with regard to your goals. Once you have the context of your goal established, you can keep moving forward confidently knowing exactly where you are heading.

Does my goal present me with the resources I need to accomplish it?

Any goal requires certain resources and a designated amount of those resources in order to accomplish it. If you cannot define what type or what volume of resources you’ll need to accomplish your goal, then it will stifle you from moving forward.

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At this point, you can either discard it or reformulate it so you have some clear direction on the resources you will need. Once you’ve identified these resources, you can perform the following to refine the goal even more:

– Identify the resources that are required but not currently available

– Identify your current set of resources

– Identify past successful goals that made use of the same set of resources

– Believe that you can produce the resources needed and act like you already have them

– Take action!

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