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Stress Management Techniques

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Stress Management Techniques

Stress Management Techniques. Become aware of the everyday stressors that are causing you chronic stress every single day. Journaling about this regularly can help you accomplish this.

Stress Management Techniques

Stress Management Techniques

How you can succeed in chronic stress management?

In the first article of this series, we discussed three key items:

Identify any negative values or beliefs that you may be carrying around. These may be hindering you from effective stress management. Self-analysis is the name of the game for this step.

Accept that sometimes it takes time to make significant progress – you’re not going to accomplish everything in a single day or one week. Managing your stress is going to take time and likely be a lifelong process. But the work will be worth it because you’ll end up creating better behaviors, thought patterns, and beliefs.

Today we’re going to look at some more key points that will help you improve your ability to manage stress:

Try One or Try Them All – Recognize that there is no right recipe for fighting stress. You have to do what works for you – whatever makes you feel more relaxed and happy (i.e., meditation, a walk outdoors on a sunny day, a deep tissue massage, etc.).

The important thing is that people continue to explore different methods of managing stress that will work for them.

Work on determining several things that you can do as a means of managing stress – try not to restrict yourself to one or two techniques only. When something, in particular, isn’tchronic stress management working, it doesn’t mean that you are incapable of managing stress. It just means you haven’t found the best method for you.

Assemble Your Army, One by One – When you set out to manage stress, think of it as a battle where you’re fighting against bad habits and a lot of stressors. What does it take to succeed in battle?

A personal anti-stress army!

Your personal army can be made up of different techniques for relaxation and behavior modifications that you’ll learn as you research methods of stress management.

Whatever techniques you choose, you need to make sure they fit into your lifestyle and way of life. If there’s a technique that doesn’t, then it’s not a technique for you. Don’t be afraid to adjust and eradicate techniques that don’t fit into your stress-relieving efforts.

Keep Practicing! – Once you have compiled a myriad of different techniques that have been proven to combat your stress, practice, practice, practice! You want these techniques to become second nature, so you have to practice and ultimately master them.

While this may sound easy to do in theory, it’s really quite challenging because not only are we learning new things, but we’re coming up against our old habits.

New skills aside, you will also need to change your behaviors and overall attitude toward the stressors in your life. This is why keeping a journal is so imperative.

Journaling is one of the most effective things you can do that spans far beyond a list of things to accomplish.

Your journal will actually become a picture of how you respond to different situations – both in thought and deed. Your journal will serve as an insightful source, helping you to get a view of who you really are inside and the things you need to adjust to reduce or completely eliminate the stress in your life.

Don’t Forget “Me” Time – In addition to letting go of old habits, learning new stress management techniques, and journaling, make an effort to create some space for yourself. It’s easy to believe that there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all that needs to be accomplished.

However, the real truth is that 12 to 18 hours of the day is indeed enough time to get everything done. And believe it or not, there is enough of a window to get some relaxation in as well.

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If you have had trouble fitting all that you need to do within that 12 to 18 hour window, take the opportunity to look deeper into your time management skills. Get an idea of how much time you truly spend on certain activities and explore how that time can be adjusted or better balanced within the context of the rest of your day.

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