law of attraction for money

Law of Attraction for Money

You’ve no doubt heard of the law of attraction for money: the ability that we as humans have to attract in our lives whatever it is we’re focused on like money, in this case. It may sound like mystic nonsense, but there’s real logical sense to it. Chances are, you can’t think really hard about becoming a billionaire and find yourself a billionaire in 6-8 weeks, However, it’s true that your mentality has a stronger impact on the circumstances in your life than you believe. Often, it’s your mentality that shapes these circumstances (or at least your perception of them) rather than the other way around.

law of attraction for money

Law of Attraction for Money

So, if the law of attraction is real, the next question is how to make it work for you. To do so, you need to understand what the law of attraction is and how it’s already working in your life.

The Power of Positive – or Negative – Focus

Think of the last day you “woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” Something went wrong early in the day, and as the day went on, it seemed like more and more things just kept going wrong. The bus was late and your boss was rude. When you microwaved your lunch, the center stayed cold. You had a headache, your internet went out, and a whole assortment of other small inconveniences bundled together to make your day pretty rotten overall.

Now think of the last really good day you had: you woke up refreshed and confident, made yourself breakfast and poured yourself a cup of coffee, got to work early, and How to be focusedclocked out early, too. You got a text from the person you were waiting to hear from, and you rounded the day out with a nice dinner with friends or family. You went to bed that night feeling accomplished, valued, and calm. It was just the sort of day when everything went right.

Except that it wasn’t. When you really think about that day, there’s a good chance you’ll find that not everything fell perfectly into place. Maybe you had to deal with a difficult client, or you got stuck in traffic on the way home. In the same way, there were probably good things that happened on that bad day: maybe you heard from an old friend or that outfit you’d been eyeing went on sale. But these aren’t the instances that stand out because when you start the day with a negative mindset, every little thing that goes wrong feels that much harder. On the other hand, when you start the day putting your best foot forward, the little things don’t get to you so much: you’re focused on the good.

This is just the basis for the law of attraction: when you’re really focused on something, whether emotion or something more tangible, you’ll start to see it everywhere. It can determine whether you have a good or bad day or whether you succeed in a particular venture.

Your Mindset Shapes Your Environment

It’s not just that your mindset shapes your perspective of your environment. In some circumstances, your mindset actually shapes the things that happen to you. Think about that bad day when your boss was rude to you. Though no one likes to put the blame on themselves when bad things happen, it’s possible that in having a negative perspective, you gave off a negative attitude, and others responded in kind. On the other hand, when you’re in a positive mindset, you’re more cheerful and patient and others respond more positively to that.

The law of attraction holds that you have the power to attract the things that you focus on, whether positive or negative. This isn’t magic, it’s simply a mindset. If you focus, for instance, on the dream job you want, you’ll be more likely to go into job interviews prepared and confident, and that makes an impression that helps you succeed. If you focus on failure, however, you’ll show up to your interview or present yourself for promotion in an anxious or defensive manner that will be sure to put hiring managers off.

Your mindset also impacts things like catching your bus on time the amount of time you spend working for the day. A focus on stress or the negative will only slow you down and drag the day out, not just in your mind but in actuality. It may lead you to sluggishness or to seek distraction. At the end of the day, you’ll feel frustrated and unproductive, and that negative mindset might spiral into future bad days. Meanwhile, focusing on your goals and keeping your mindset positive will ensure that you’re motivated, productive, and more content with what you do.

If You Focus, It Will Come

Let’s say you start the day thinking about the letter Z. It’s not the most common letter in the world, but once you have it in your head, you’ll start to notice it everywhere you go. You’ll find it on street signs, on the side of buildings, in your own collection of books. And because you are focused on that letter for the day, you’ll find yourself gravitating towards things that have the letter Z in them. It’s not that the world suddenly has more Zs, it’s that you’re more open to them.

Now that’s simple enough, but getting a promotion or a vacation to the beach or a loan on your new house or business can’t possibly work in the same way. Maybe it’s true that it doesn’t work in exactly the same way, but it’s also true that your mindset has more power to work things in your favor than you realize. For instance, if you really focus on that vacation to the beach, you open yourself up to more opportunities that could lead you to that vacation. You’ll start to notice when a travel agency you use offers a special discount, or when a friend or family member mentions their vacation home. You may be more interested in that job opening that offers an extra week of vacation.

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At the end of the day, the law of attraction is really about knowing what you want, giving it your attention, and listening for the opportunities you may have to make your goal a reality.