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Law of Attraction For Money

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law of attraction for money

Law of Attraction for Money

You’ve no doubt heard of the law of attraction for money: the ability that we as humans have to attract in our lives whatever it is we’re focused on like money, in this case. It may sound like mystic nonsense, but there’s real logical sense to it. Chances are, you can’t think really hard about becoming a billionaire and find yourself a billionaire in 6-8 weeks, However, it’s true that your mentality has a stronger impact on the circumstances in your life than you believe. Often, it’s your mentality that shapes these circumstances (or at least your perception of them) rather than the other way around. Law of Attraction for Money So, if the law of attraction is real, the next question is how to make it...

What is The True Power of Our Beliefs

What is The True Power of Our Beliefs?

What is The True Power of Our Beliefs? In the last post, we went over how important our beliefs were and how your beliefs can mean the difference between advancing forward in life or being trapped in a box of limiting beliefs. Today, we’re going to look at how you can be protected from the negative or limiting beliefs of other people who want to tell you what you are capable of or not capable of accomplishing in your life. What is The True Power of Our Beliefs? “If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences” The Thomas Theorem by W.S. & D.I. Thomas Can The Beliefs of Other People Impact Us? Over the past ten years, our society has been caught up in self-celebration –...

How Do Our Beliefs Affect Our Lives

How Do Our Beliefs Affect Our Lives?

What is a belief? Defined, a belief is “something that we hold to be completely true.” How do our beliefs affect our lives? Your beliefs can be considered guideposts of the subconscious. They shape how you think, how you make decisions, and how you act in varying situations. How Do Our Beliefs Affect Our Lives? While the subconscious mind actively forms and enforces beliefs, the conscious mind is the protector of those beliefs – making sure they are enforced – that is until they are adjusted at a subconscious level. Creating new beliefs Emotional or memorable experiences are the catalysts for the forming of beliefs. New beliefs can be formed by any kind of training – taking a class or reading a book that you’re interested in. Beliefs are formed...

When people see the world differently?

When Do People See The World Differently?

When do people see the world differently? Imagine for a moment that you are about to cross an intersection when an automobile accident happens right in front of you. It’s a clear afternoon and you notice that three other people also witnessed the accident. When the police arrive on the scene you give your eyewitness account of the accident. The officer reviews a few details with you to make sure he has an accurate account and then tallies your account with another person’s account he received just before yours. When Do People See The World Differently? After the officer talks to you, he moves on to interview the remaining witnesses. You overhear their accounts of what happened and notice that their accounts are slightly different from your...

How to use body language to influence others

How to Use body Language to Influence Others?

How to use body language to influence others? Using body language or nonverbal language makes up more than 50% of what we express when we converse and interact with others. How to Use Body Language to Influence Others? In-depth knowledge of body language and its influence can help you accomplish two things: It will help you better align your verbal message with open and positive body language. This can improve your overall projection as an influential speaker. Your subject(s) will perceive this projection and will be more willing to trust you during an interaction. It will help you in reading your subject’s body language in order to determine what is on his mind and whether or not the two forms of expression match up with one another. When you...

how to have a positive mindset

How to Have A Positive Mindset?

Negative thinking is a vehicle for a boatload of stress. how to have a positive mindset? Being a pessimist – someone who has a tendency for negative thinking – is the top cause of mental stress for most people. how to have a positive mindset? There are some scientists that subscribe to the belief that human beings have a natural bent toward negative thinking. Their reason? Thousands of years ago our ancestors had to think negatively in order to overcome scarce and hostile environments. Pessimism is still prevalent in our society. It is a remnant from our evolutionary past that we hang onto, even though our society has moved far beyond living as hunter-gatherers. How to adjust your thinking patterns in order to focus more on the positive? Correct Common...