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Life Goals

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Life Goals

Life Goals

Setting goals can be motivating, and even exciting. When they are true life goals, something that you’re passionate about, it makes it that much more thrilling. However, the more you pursue that goal, the more challenges you face, the more discouraging it can be. You’ll be surrounded by doubts, some your own, and some from those around you. You may give in to procrastination or even wonder if the life goal you’re pursuing makes any sense for you at all. Life Goals Achieving your life goals. Goals are difficult to achieve for a reason. Think of all the New Year’s Resolutions people set — to lose weight, to change jobs, to read more books — and give up on a few months into the year. The reason...

How to Create The Perfect Work Environment

How to Create The Perfect Work Environment?

How to create the perfect work environment? In our first article, we talked about the various techniques to reduce electronic distractions and in-person distractions. How to Create The Perfect Work Environment? In this article, we’re going to focus in on some proven methods of establishing the perfect work environment, even when your real work environment is less than perfect. The perfect workplace imagined There is no major overhaul or construction necessary in order to create the perfect workplace. Whenever you get distracted it’s your mind and your concentration that is affected the most. Therefore your workplace should be conducive to a place where your mind can focus, ponder, and imagine. It should be a place where your mind can relax and work. To follow are some key strategies for creating...

How to create better and more achievable goals

How to Create Better And More Achievable Goals?

Goal-setting is the very first step in formulating the blueprint of a wildly successful life. How to create better and more achievable goals? Your goals are the factors that help build your map and without them, you would get distracted, sidetracked, and delayed. How to create better and more achievable goals? Not all goals are created equal and so it can make it difficult to set goals sometimes. To make things worse, setting the wrong goals can also be detrimental to your progress. Our values and beliefs generally drive the goals that we set for ourselves. In order to create achievable and beneficial goals, there must be a process in place to determine the good goals from the less-than-perfect goals. Today’s article will shine a spotlight on the criteria...

How to Reclaim your life from distraction

How to Reclaim Your Life From Distraction?

How to reclaim your life from distraction? However, there is a second definition out there that seems to be very apropos for this stress study and how it connects to our daily life. That definition of distraction is: “an extreme agitation of the mind or emotions.” How to Reclaim your life from distraction?  The word distraction is defined as “a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else.” Where do these distractions originate from? Distractions can hinder productivity – in that way they are not unlike procrastination. Tangibly, they are usually things in our environment that capture our attention whether or not it has any connection to what we’re working on. Some distractions can be avoided – such as when we choose to frequently check email or...