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Steps to Success

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Epic Books to succeed in life

Epic Books

The epic books suggested below can help you find and stay on your path. Success is, per Merriam Webster, the accomplishment of a goal. Whether you're trying to build a business or grow the perfect tomato, managing your desires, and understanding what you truly want are key to meeting your goals. Getting lots of press and being admired for your wealth may look like success on the surface, but until you figure out what you really want, success will feel like a butterfly you're driven to chase but never catch. Success, above all, is personal. Epic Books: to succeed in life Decide What You're Working Towards The entire world will tell you, every time you turn on a television or other media-streaming device, what you should want. This...

steps to success

Steps to success

Read on these steps to success for a bigger view of the picture. What is the point of doing something without a goal? Even recreational activities have a goal in mind: pleasure, relaxation, time spent with friends. It’s in achieving goals when doing certain activities that we find purpose as well as motivation when the going gets tough. When you reach your goals you’re looking for, then you’ve found success. Steps to Success Imagine your life is the process of climbing a mountain. No one climbs a mountain just because there was nothing better to do. They’re trying to reach a certain point. Success is the summit of that mountain. Mountains come in all different sizes, and victory is the same. It comes in different forms, but...



The real reason for your procrastination. It’s easy to dream things up, come up with brilliant ideas, and set goals in the beginning. It can be a thrilling high, followed by a rush of motivating creativity. But that highly charged inspiration rarely lasts. Procrastination can strike us all, but it hits some harder than others. Procrastination It always starts small. You feel burned out, so you’re just going to sleep on it or give yourself a little break in order to help jog your inspiration. Then it turns into reminding yourself that you have plenty of time to work on your goals. Eventually, however, you fall out of practice and it simply becomes easier to put it off than to work on it. This can happen to...

The Subconscious At Work

The Subconscious At Work

The subconscious at work. In the last article, we discussed the nature of the human mind and the functions of the brain, with an emphasis on how the conscious mind operates. We discovered the value of the conscious mind, how it analyzes sensory stimuli, and filters ideas in order to prevent us from becoming overwhelmed and bombarded by information from the external environment. The Subconscious At Work Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP considers the two sectors of the mind – the conscious and subconscious – and it analyzes how to best utilize the strengths in both sectors to accomplish specific goals like dissolving phobias or eradicating negative memories. We’re now going to take a look at the subconscious mind. Often described as the larger sector of the mind, the subconscious...

How Human Brain Function

How Human Brain Function?

How human brain function. There is no more fascinating agent of natural engineering than the human brain. It is constantly processing information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without rest. While we sleep, our brains are tracking sensory input and passage of time, even during our most deep and restful sleep. How Human Brain Function? All sensory input absorbed while we are sleeping is analyzed and filtered by the brain subconsciously to ensure that we are alerted to the vibration of a possible earthquake or smoke generated by a fire. Through intricate processes, the brain keeps us safe during our daily activities – whether it’s playing sports, driving, or something as mundane as walking down the street. The brain has the ability to perform split-second calculations...

How to make sense of reality

How to Make Sense of Reality?

How to make sense of reality? French Philosopher, Jean Baudrillard, mused that we live in a time which he calls “the age of the hyper-real” where the mere representation of an object has become more vital to us than the actual object. The concept of reality doesn’t refer to an object’s external reality, but a representation of it. How to make sense of reality? The way people regard reality these days is a result of how our natural mental process has evolved over time. Today we’re going to look at the core of how the brain processes and perceives reality. One single person’s idea of reality is not all there is. To hold that kind of belief can seriously restrict a person from achieving goals and succeeding in life. We...

How Are People Impacted By Success And Failure

How Are People Impacted By Success And Failure?

How are people impacted by success and failure? A person’s own overall success is driven by how successful they are in reaching the goals they set for themselves. When you are successful at something, you experience a sense of pride in how formative and intelligent you were in reaching your goal. How are people impacted by success and failure? Yet when plans go awry or things don’t work out how we expect them to, we can go to a place of frustration and feeling “stuck.” A person’s feeling of devastation correlates to how they utilize each life experience. In this article, we will take a look at how perceived failures can be viewed as successes as long as you have the right perspective and know-how to use...

Is It possible For People to Live Without Values

Is It Possible For People to Live Without Values?

Is it possible for people to live without values? So often we hear our elders complaining that this current society has no values. Somehow we are all destined to collapse as a society because we lack a system of values. Technically, this isn’t entirely true because, well, everyone has a set of values. Is It Possible For People to Live Without Values? If we didn’t have some semblance of values, our modern age civilization would indeed collapse. So when someone claims that this society has no values, what they really mean is society does not hold the same values as they do. There is a huge difference between the lack of values and subscribe to an entirely different value set. Values at Work The definition of value is “holding something in...

How are values formed

How Are Values Formed?

How are values formed? In our first article in this series, we looked at values as being the most influential motivators in our lives. In turn, our system of values has a hand in the way our subconscious beliefs are formed. These beliefs have an impact on how we reason and react in certain situations. How are values formed? The very first step in changing our old values and/or creating new values, according to NLP, is to extract them from the subconscious mind. Determining our values is easily accomplished through the use of a pen and paper. 1. Determining your core values Identifying your own core personal values is required in order to address a problem or set of problems that have been eating away at you for a long time....

How to get your mind to focus on outcomes

How to Get Your Mind to Focus On Outcomes?

How to get your mind to focus on outcomes? Our brains are amazing and wildly analytical. They are constantly analyzing everyday information and filtering out sensory inputs important enough to store in our conscious and subconscious minds at any given time. How to get your mind to focus on outcomes? Our reticular activating system, or RAS, is functioning in the background of our minds, going through sensory input and alerts that can mean the difference between our survival and us being in mortal danger. A person’s brain is fully equipped with everything needed to come up with complicated calculations and quick decisions. It is also quite adept at storing tons of information and memories. Our limitless brain The human brain is amazingly capable to be sure, but it does have...