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How Communication Works

How Communication Works?

How communication works? When one person begins a verbal dialogue with another, a communication cycle has begun. Just speaking a language does not indicate communication. A person can stand in the middle of the room and speak out loud, but if no one is around to hear him or dialogue with him, there is no communication taking place. How Communication Works? A speaker and subject are required for real communication. When studying the effectiveness of an interaction, in order to measure the impact of each participant, you can reverse the roles of the speaker and subject. When the speaker is delivering a speech to a large group of people, the term “subject” then becomes the term “audience” – indicating a larger group. You can still measure the effectiveness...

How to persuade or influence others through rapport

How to Persuade or Influence Others Through Rapport?

How to persuade or influence others through rapport? In the realm of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the real measure of a communicator’s success is based on how well he influences his subject. How to Persuade or Influence Others Through Rapport? Why is that? The main goal of just about all human communication is to influence others. When one person communicates with another person, the intention is to earn the other person’s trust and agreement. These outcomes can be studied under the course of influence. The most effective tool you can master and use in just about any social setting is rapport. To have good rapport is to maintain a consistent level of amicability and harmony throughout the interaction. The concept of harmony might not seem like something you’ll need when...

Leading Rapport Building Techniques

Leading Rapport Building Techniques

Leading Rapport Building Techniques. In our last article, we discussed the matching and mirroring technique, and how it was a great way to make a good first impression. Leading Rapport Building Techniques When we use this technique, it utilizes our natural ability to adjust to other people’s vocal and nonverbal signals so we can communicate and harmonize with our subjects easily. We also touched on the possibility that our subject might be preoccupied with other things going on, and that matching and mirroring won’t work for us at first. What do we do in those instances? The only thing you can do is to continue to encourage your subject to focus on what you’re saying. Using pacing and leading to improve rapport Improve your communication skills further by learning the technique...

Is communication influenced by rapport

Is Communication Influenced By Rapport?

Is communication influenced by rapport? Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) stresses the need to invite and utilize feedback throughout interaction in order to get the best results when communicating with someone. Is communication influenced by rapport? Harmony-building, otherwise known as rapport, is a process of eradicating differences between the speaker and the subject in order to make the speaker more efficient and persuasive. Exploring the channels of communication There is a misconception out there that anything we speak or hear should be the only basis of our judgment when we interact with others. However, those that only consider what they hear and what they say, will end up facing a lot of objection and a high level of resistance. The reason this happens is that all human communication is devised of three channels: vocal,...

How to get motivated to stop procrastination

How to Get Motivated to Stop Procrastination?

The practice of procrastination has been shown to cause chronic stress. How to get motivated to stop procrastination? In the end, procrastinators have to deal with the negative ramifications of not finishing their work on time. Procrastination Elimination – Part 2 How to Get Motivated to Stop Procrastination? When a procrastinator finally does start working on what they should’ve been working on all along, they carry the added pressure of having to produce quality work, even though the time to complete the task has been depleted by their procrastination. In this article, we’re going to discuss the different avenues you can take towards motivating yourself to tackle and complete tasks on time – or even early. Time Yourself – This method of timing yourself when accomplishing tasks has become quite...

The Mind Your Partner In Success

The Mind Your Partner In Success

The Mind Your Partner In Success. In our last article, we discussed the outcome frame and the process of shifting into a newer and more productive mental process. We discovered that our minds need conscious direction from us if we want it to be effective and assist us in solving problems. The Mind Your Partner In Success Setting goals is an ordered process of solving different problems. An example of this would be if your goal is to lose weight, you will face many challenges on the journey to your target weight. The weight-loss challenges you will face are problems that necessitate real, applicable solutions. Obstacles that you face on the way to your goals are also problems, sometimes masked as errors, setbacks, and shortcomings. Any problems, be...

How the influence of body language work

How The Influence of Body Language Works?

In the last article, we discussed the nuances of reading and understanding body language. How the influence of body language works? We discovered that you have to learn how to read body language in the proper context and pick up on all the signals from your subject, in order to get the most out of reading body language. How The Influence of Body Language works? In this article, we’re going to talk about some practical ways that you can utilize concepts in body language to build up a rapport with your subject and immediately increase your power of persuasion via nonverbal statements. Where you stand when speaking to someone – how close is too close? Assuming you want to convey thoughtfulness and respect when speaking to your subject, you...

How to use The Influence of Body Language

How to Use The Influence of Body Language?

Body language (nonverbal language) is a vital component of the communication cycle. How to use the influence of body language? It can assist you in understanding your subject’s internal responses as his external behavior. There is plenty of information about your subject’s mindset and outlook that can be gleaned from his body language and gestures. How to use The Influence of Body Language? In this article, we’re going to hone in on the handshake, and other types of hand and arm gesture that people often use. What's the meaning behind a handshake? Shaking someone’s hand is one of the oldest gestures in history. In ancient times, the Romans would shake hands to prove they were not hiding weapons such as blades. When you hold someone’s hand, you are expressing the...

What does it mean to have influence

What Does It Mean to Have Influence?

What does it mean to have influence? The successful re-introduction of the art of influence is probably neuro-linguistic programming’s (NLP) greatest achievements. Influence can be defined as “having an effect on a person or group of people.” When you communicate with others, you can be sure (whether you know it or not) that your intention is to influence them. What does it mean to have influence? When a speaker is successful at influencing his subject, the power of persuasion extends beyond that initial interaction. You know that you have successfully influenced someone when they agree with your beliefs or values and continues to utilize them, even when you’re not there to enforce them. Influence is an ongoing persuasion, ingrained in the subject’s subconscious mind. Influence – ethical or unethical? The idea...

Top 12 Best Books For Entrepreneurs

12 Best Books For Entrepreneurs

Maybe the title “A book per month” instead of the top 12 best books for entrepreneurs would be ideal for those budding entrepreneurs who want to jump into a new lifestyle full of exciting business adventures, and fresh new financial freedom. If you want to be the best, it pays to learn from the best, and that’s what these books are all about whether you chose to read one book per day, per week or at least per month. These are our favorite, top 12 best books for entrepreneurs, and they each bring a little something different to the table. 12 Best Books For Entrepreneurs 1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Priority. You should have read this book at least once if you're reading this post....