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Stress Awareness

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Stress Awareness

Stress Awareness

Stress awareness and its importance. When you consider the number of commitments and pressures in your life at once, it’s no wonder that so many people are stressed out. We all experience stress at some point in our lives. Stress can come from work life, home life, or external forces like the political climate. The fact is people are busier than we’ve ever been before. Everything is more urgent, so not only is there so much to do, but it feels as though it all needs to be done now. Stress Awareness Feeling stressed out about your financial or career goals is a particularly slippery slope. You feel stressed about them because you want them so strongly, but it’s often that stress that holds you back. It...

How to Handle Physiological Stress

How to Handle Physiological Stress?

How to handle physiological stress?. When you’re sitting down to a meal, remember that the food that enters your body has a small influence on your overall health. However, those small influences build to become a large impact. If all the components are there, positive or negative things will happen. This is known as “impact magnification.” How to Handle Physiological Stress? A good example of this would be to look at the effects of smoking cigarettes. One cigarette will not kill you immediately. You may be able to smoke for many, many years before it eventually catches up to you. Before you know it, 10 or 20 years down the road, suddenly you’re struck by a myriad of health problems. Stress works in much the same way as...

Mindfulness based stress reduction

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness based stress reduction. In our first article on mindfulness, we learned that mindfulness can only develop when you have a heightened awareness of your emotions and thoughts – even in stressful situations.  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction How developing mindfulness can help transform our responses to stressors Mindfulness is Power – Part 2  Another key component is to look inward to respond in a calmer, more relaxed way to the external world. Today’s article will focus on some advanced methods to mastering mindfulness. Please note that there is no quick shortcut to this mastery. In order to achieve the depth of mindfulness, you must continue practicing mindfulness until it becomes second nature. Becoming more mindful in the midst of stressors Mindfulness in action is like a sharpened sword that can destroy stress-filled...

How to Use mindfulness to overcome stress

How to Use Mindfulness to Overcome Stress?

How to use mindfulness to overcome stress? Countries in the East practice mindfulness. It has strong ties to Buddhism and Hinduism as well. How to Use Mindfulness to Overcome Stress? Mindfulness is Power – Part 1  Self-awareness is gained through mindfulness. A lot of spiritual disciplines teach the practice of mindfulness because it helps to settle down the mind and get the person in touch with their own thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness, as it relates to stress management, is useful in adjusting a person’s patterns of thought and mindset. It pushes the importance of conscious thinking in every situation. Far too often, we spend a good part of our existence walking around in autopilot mode because we don’t want to expend the time or energy to thoughtfully consider things. Yet, what...

Stress Management Techniques

Stress Management Techniques

Stress Management Techniques. Become aware of the everyday stressors that are causing you chronic stress every single day. Journaling about this regularly can help you accomplish this. Stress Management Techniques How you can succeed in chronic stress management? In the first article of this series, we discussed three key items: Identify any negative values or beliefs that you may be carrying around. These may be hindering you from effective stress management. Self-analysis is the name of the game for this step. Accept that sometimes it takes time to make significant progress – you’re not going to accomplish everything in a single day or one week. Managing your stress is going to take time and likely be a lifelong process. But the work will be worth it because you’ll end up...

The impact of negative thinking on our stress level

The Impact of Negative Thinking On Our Stress Level

The impact of negative thinking on our stress level. If you are familiar with this blog and have been reading for a while, you are likely already well-acquainted with the modern stress model or in other words, the events that result in a physiological stress response. The impact of negative thinking on our stress level If you are not familiar with it, the following is a recap of the key points: When a person considers something as stressful, any negative thoughts and/or emotions he has come together in this phase. When a person goes through psychological stress, he will likely also face mental stress. If psychological stress is left uncontrolled, it will prompt the physiological stress response. A person can then experience the physical signs of stress such as a fast...

Why is stress so prevalent in our modern society

Why Is Stress So Prevalent In Our Modern Society?

Why is stress so prevalent in our modern society? In decades past, people used to look to the future as a time when they could kick back and relax because components of modern technology were taking care of their everyday tasks such as cleaning the house. People conceived of modern inventions that would make their lives easier and as a result, happier. Why is stress so prevalent in our modern society? Fast forward to our modern society with devices that can connect to the Internet immediately. Our present society has experienced more advances in technology than all of the past generations combined. We now enjoy access to the Internet 24/7 thanks to global trade and never-ending technological advances. A laptop or home PC assembled in 2012 would be at least...

How to Permanently Manage Chronic Stress

How to Permanently Manage Chronic Stress?

How to permanently manage chronic stress? Managing stress is a continuously active process of regulating the way in which you deal with the stressors you face every single day. How to permanently manage chronic stress? The primary purpose of effective stress management is to adjust your patterns of thinking and your lifestyle so that daily toxic stress will no longer be an issue. Succeeding at the Art of Stress Management. Managing stress definitely has its own challenges which are why it’s imperative that you prepare adequately for the commitment necessary to succeed. If you neglect this important preparation, you will surely be discouraged by the results. Succeeding consistently in managing stress Below are tips that will help eradicate any hindrances to success in stress management: Keep a Record of Your Stressors –...

how to stop emotional eating

How to Stop Emotional Eating?

While it’s true that emotional eating brings temporary stress relief, the cost is high. how to stop emotional eating? By frequently overeating, the emotional eater is having to endure their own guilt and shame for what was done at the moment. They’re also reaping the health issues that go along with the consistent eating of nutritionally devoid, often processed foods. How to Stop Emotional Eating? If you desire to put an end to emotional eating, follow these tips: Change Your Environment – The emotional eater is usually triggered by the stressors in his home or workspace. His mind often remembers the stressor and where it occurred, and his body responds by sending a message that he needs to eat something to get rid of the stressor. When a person...

What is the stress of procrastination

What is The Stress of Procrastination?

What is The stress of procrastination? Stress and stressor in this society take many forms. One of the most prevalent forms of stress is called procrastination. Procrastination is the practice of putting off doing certain activities to another time. Procrastination Elimination – Part 1 What is The stress of procrastination? But why is procrastination considered a stressor? When dealing with deadlines connected with projects and different work tasks, it is important to stay focused and on task. If you are one who regularly procrastinates, you put off completing the work until the proverbial “last minute” of the deadline. You delay in completing the project and then scramble to cram all the work in at the very end – often on the eve of the deadline. Procrastination is evident in...