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How are values formed

How Are Values Formed?

How are values formed? In our first article in this series, we looked at values as being the most influential motivators in our lives. In turn, our system of values has a hand in the way our subconscious beliefs are formed. These beliefs have an impact on how we reason and react in certain situations. How are values formed? The very first step in changing our old values and/or creating new values, according to NLP, is to extract them from the subconscious mind. Determining our values is easily accomplished through the use of a pen and paper. 1. Determining your core values Identifying your own core personal values is required in order to address a problem or set of problems that have been eating away at you for a long time....

How to use body language to influence others

How to Use body Language to Influence Others?

How to use body language to influence others? Using body language or nonverbal language makes up more than 50% of what we express when we converse and interact with others. How to Use Body Language to Influence Others? In-depth knowledge of body language and its influence can help you accomplish two things: It will help you better align your verbal message with open and positive body language. This can improve your overall projection as an influential speaker. Your subject(s) will perceive this projection and will be more willing to trust you during an interaction. It will help you in reading your subject’s body language in order to determine what is on his mind and whether or not the two forms of expression match up with one another. When you...