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Write For Us, Wanted! Writers!

Would you like to write for us stunning content and get paid while doing it?

If this is something that interests you, keep reading. We pay $20.00 dollars for high quality and unique content for this blog (let’s us also know why you think we should pay you more, we are to happy to negotiate).

We are offering this to guest bloggers because our mission is to inspire people looking for a better life. Also, it allows us to reward writers like you for helping us with this endeavor. Therefore, we are continually seeking quality blog posts to provide our readers with valuable insight.

Guidelines for submission:

1. Blog posts must be 100% original.

2. Posts must educate and motivate people in search of success in all scopes of their lives, but more precisely in their financial one. We don’t want re-hashed content anyone can find on the web. Posts should be filled with practical tips, tricks and helpful information.

3. Post must include a brief introduction about the chosen topic
4. Posts must be from 900 to 1200 words with 3 long-tail keywords (we provide the keywords) included per every third of a whole.

5. All editing must be done prior to submission to us.

6. Posts must have proper grammar, spelling and formatting.

7. You will be contacted if we are going to proceed with your idea.

8. We do not accept guest posts for the purpose of getting links back to your site. The post must offer relevant, high-quality information for our readers.

If your guest blog is accepted:

1. If we publish your post, you are giving us exclusive rights to this specific post and it cannot be reproduced anywhere else
2. You will receive a one-time fee of $20.00 dollars for your post through PayPal, unless you have been approved for a higher payment.
3. You can include a link to your website or social media profiles (we are glad to provide you with the credits of your awesome work, we are happy to work with you!).


Feel free to search around our entire site for  you to have an idea of how our articles and blog posts are articulated.

How do I get started?

It’s simple. Just contact us at with “write for us” as subject if you are interested . Supply us with your pitch for the post, an outline and some information about who you are.

Thanks visiting our write for us page and looking forward to hearing from you!

Marco and the Success Lux team.